The cost of delivery depends primarily on the type of transportation (express or usual), the mode of delivery (air, car, railway, as well as delivery by sea and courier), type of delivery (door to door, warehouse to warehouse and their various variations) of the dimensions of the delivered cargo, as well as the chosen route. Contact our specialists for the most reliable information. *

*  The estimated cost for sending goods is determined individually with each customer. We will help you to choose the most optimal variant of the ratio of price, speed and quality..

Attention: Parcel must be not bigger than 31.5 kg.


Attention: All fields must be filled in English
(with Latin letters).

Declared value should be the actual cost. It is specified in €.

Тарифы указаны без таможенных пошлин. Оплата таможенных пошлин, при необходимости их оплаты, возлагается на получателя.  

P.S. В некоторые острова и страны доставка считается как " доставка в труднодоступною зону" + ~ 23 у.е. к стоимости указанной в калькуляторе.

Транзитное время не включает в себя задержки связанные с таможенным досмотром груза, неправильно оформленными документами и другими недостатками.


PostexService was created by us in order to help the development of hundreds of Ukrainian companies, to bring them to the international arena on a par with foreign suppliers, to provide them with a real European quality. To save from overpayments and unpredictable difficulties thousands of private customers ordering products abroad.


  • Guarantee of delivery of cargo (POD)
  • Cargo Control 24/7
  • Minimum delivery time
  • ANY tasks will be performed
  • Affordable cost